There are lots of things and people I should be thankful and credit on this website.

The main reason why I decided to revamp my portfolio was that I wanted to really nail CSS Grid, and educators like Sara Soueidan, Rachel Andrew, Jen Simmons, and Wes Bos have been amazing resources in that regard. You should follow their work! I can't be thankful enough to the StackOverflow community as well, for most debugging purposes and issues I hit down the road while working on this website. CSS-Tricks, Codepen and one of the minds and bodies behind those two, Chris Coyier, should be on this list as well.

My profile image on the Above the Fold should be credited to my lovely girlfriend. She takes awesome pictures, you should follow her on Instagram. The rest of the images (MJ, Einstein, Jack Kerouac, and Looney Tunes' that's all folks) were taken from Google, and they are all labeled under CC License. I'd love to provide the links for those, but I lost them along the way 😞. If you're the author, and for some reason, you're reading this, please hit me up and I'll be happy to add you here.

I should also give a shout out to all the products I use on my website: Cloudinary for hosting and serving the images, FontAwesome for the icons, Analytics and Hotjar for gathering feedback (you can read more about how I use them on my Privacy page), ScrollTrigger to trigger animations on scroll, and Siema to add a carousel to my Behance projects. I use Netlify for deployment and Gitlab for hosting my code, which is public for you to check if you're interested here.

I might be forgetting about someone and something, so if this list offends you, and you believe you should be listed here, please let me know.

Finally, I want to thank you, for visiting my website. I hope you've enjoyed it!