Product Designer & front-end Developer

Privacy Policy

TL;DR: I don't collect any personal data, and will never do.

The web should be a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. I'm a privacy advocate: I don't have Instagram or Facebook, I barely use Google Services (just for client work), I'm on VPN 24/7, and I use DuckDuckGo and Firefox as my tools to browse the web.

I don't like being spied. Thus, I won't do that to you either. My personal website is free of cookies, tracking URLs or anything like that. I only use Netlify Analytics to get anonymous, GDPR compliant and server-side data about the visitors to my website, to see which pages and blog posts are more relevant to folks. The only I get is your country, hope that's ok with you.

Reaching out

But other than that, feel free to wander around, without having to worry about being tracked. If you do want to contact me, feel free to reach out to my encrypted email account. Enjoy your stay!